Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers

Celebrating 40 years of conservation work in Epping Forest.

Task Programme June to September 2018

Please read the Information For Volunteers page before coming along to a task.

Task sites are subject to change as we are sometimes asked to undertake high priority work at short notice. Anyone going straight to the task site should check with the task leader.

  • Sunday, 3rd June - Warren Hill
    We will be felling sycamore and Norway maple to in-crease light levels for broad leaved helleborines.
    Parking: The Warren, Epping New Road.
    Grid Ref: TQ409957

  • Sunday, 10th June - Honey Lane/Pynest Green Lane
    Pulling Himalayan Balsam including a patch at Pynest Green where we may be able to park at Comical Corner.
    Parking:Honey Lane CP, Woodridden Hill.
    Grid Ref: TQ413996

  • Tuesday, 19th June - Gas Ride
    Continuing the work of recoppicing an area of sparse scrub as part of Project Nightingale.
    Parking: The Warren, Epping New Road.
    Grid Ref: TQ409957

  • Sunday, 24th June - Upper Wake Valley Bog
    Requested by Ken Adams, we will be removing bramble that has invaded the bog and Carex pendula. Also, we will dam the stream with logs to maintain water levels.
    Parking: Wake Valley CP, Epping New Rd.
    Grid Ref: TQ421988

  • Sunday, 1st July - Oak Hill Bog
    We will be involved in bracken pulling and small tree removal as requested by Ken Adams.
    Parking: Jack’s Hill CP (1st CP on right).
    Grid Ref: TQ436996

  • Tuesday 10th July - Kate’s Cellar
    This involves bracken pulling to increase light levels for a small patch of heather.
    Parking: Mount Pleasant CP, Epping New Road.
    Grid Ref: TQ417981

  • Sunday, 15th July - Dulsmead Hollow Bog
    Bracken pulling and some small tree removal as re-quested by Ken Adams.
    Parking: Broadstrood CP, Golding’s Hill.
    Grid Ref: TQ429986

  • Sunday, 22nd July - Two Tree Island
    Our annual visit to the EWT reserve on the Essex coast to prevent salt marsh erosion. Old clothes essential as it is extremely muddy. Hats & sun cream essential too.
    Parking: Two Tree Island, Leigh-on-sea. Over the bridge and past the golf driving range.
    Grid Ref: TQ825855

  • Sunday, 29th July - Thames Valley Bog
    Requested by Ken Adams, with bracken pulling and re-moving trees along the stream to increase light levels.
    Parking: Jack’s Hill CP (left side).
    Grid Ref: TQ436996

  • Sunday, 5th August - Jack’s Hill Bog/Oak Hill Bog
    Small and fallen tree removal, further bracken pulling. Parking: Jack’s Hill CP (1st on right)
    Grid Ref: TQ436996

  • Tuesday, 14th August - Rats Lane Bog
    Removing small sycamore, cherry laurel and rhododen-dron.
    Parking: Considerate parking in roads around High Beach Church
    Grid Ref: TQ407978

  • Sunday, 19th and 26th August - Lord’s Bushes
    Consecutive tasks removing saplings and scrub as part of the HLS wood pasture restoration plan.
    Parking: Forest Edge (kerbside)
    Grid Ref: TQ416935

  • Sunday, 2nd September - Fir & Pond Wood
    Our annual visit to this Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust Reserve, removing rushes from ponds to increase the area of open water plus removing holly and willow.
    Parking: In small layby opposite Oshwal Centre, Cooper’s Lane, Potter’s Bar.
    Grid Ref: TL277011

  • Tuesday, 11th September - Bury Wood, Jubilee Ride
    Consecutive tasks to remove holly from around horn-beam pollards.
    Parking: Bury Road CP.
    Grid Ref: TQ395951

  • Sunday, 16th September - Bury Wood, Jubilee Ride - as above

  • Sunday, 23rd September - Walthamstow Forest
    Consecutive tasks to thin and remove saplings and scrub as part of the HLS wood pasture restoration plan.
    Parking: Next to Keeper’s Cottage, Mill Plain, off Woodford High Road.
    Grid Ref: TQ395908

  • Sunday, 30th September - Walthamstow Forest - as above
  • All information correct at time of publication (18 May 2018).