Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers

Celebrating 40 years of conservation work in Epping Forest.


Lordís Bushes

Some before and after pictures from the task on Sunday 27th August which was continuing the work from earlier this year to thin and remove trees and scrub as part of the High Level Stewardship wood pasture restoration plan. Photos by Peter Smith

Thames Valley Bog

Some before and after pictures from the task on Sunday 6th August. Following our previous visit in July 2016, this was our second bracken pulling at this environmentally important area. Photos by Peter Smith

Lodge Road Bog

We visited Lodge Road Bog again on 30 July 2017 and, as requested by Ken Adams from the Essex Botanical Society, We removed as much Typha as possible. Photos by Peter Smith

Furze Ground

The objective here on 11 July was bracken pulling around heather at the top of the site and removal of birch saplings to create reptile refugia habitat. Although we got very wet just before and after lunch, we managed to clear a large area as shown in these photos. Photos by Spencer Cleminson

Lodge Road Bog

On Tuesday 20 June we were pulling bracken and birch saplings from the bog and removing it from periphery. A fallen birch also needed removal and we cut back some overhanging branches. Photos by Joy Park

The EFCV's 40th Aniversary Task

At Lord's Bushes on 19 March 2017, the task involved thinning sapling trees and clearing scrub as part of the wood-pasture restoration plan. Of course such an occasion also called for cake. . .Photos by Peter Smith

Chingford Plain

Removing scrub, mainly oak and hawthorn from Chingford Plain on 26 Feb 2017. This work was being done as part of the higher level stewardship successional scrub management plan. Photos by Peter Smith

Long Running

A fine and crisp autumn day for our task on 27 November 2016, saw us clearing birch near the boggy area which divides Long Running South from the bomb crater area. The opportunity was also taken to remove three overshadowed small beech in the main course of the bog. Photos by Peter Smith

Long Running South

At our task on 30 October 2016, young silver birch was removed from the heath immediately to the west of the central track and much of the birch between the path and the bog was also removed or thinned. Photos by Peter Smith

Deershelter Plain

Further clearing of small birch that is encroaching across the heathland at Deershelter Plain was carried out during tasks on 26 June and 3 July 2016.

Bury Wood

On 21 June we worked in Bury Wood, thinning and removing small trees - mainly birch, with some holly. The 16 in our group were joined by 14 volunteers from Barclays and we really did make a difference!