Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers - Constitution

Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers

Celebrating 40 years of conservation work in Epping Forest.


The group shall be called ‘Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers’.

The objectives of the group are:

To fulfil these objectives the group has the following powers:

  • a. To raise funds.
  • b. To acquire and dispose of property.
  • c. To borrow money and charge any property of the group with repayment.
  • d. To co-operate with other organisations and to be affiliated to BTCV.
  • e. To form and dissolve committees.
  • f. To make rules for the running of the group consistent with this constitution.
  • g. To do any other lawful things to achieve the objects.

Membership shall be open to anyone on such terms as the Committee shall decide, which may include an annual subscription. The assets of the group may not be given to the members.

A maximum of six shall be elected at the annual meeting of members and shall form a Committee charged with running the group. This Committee may co-opt others as members of the Committee, provided that the total membership of the Committee does not exceed eight. All members of the Committee shall step down but be eligible for re-election at each annual meeting. The Committee will appoint from the Committee an officer to be chairman, and an officer to be treasurer.

The group shall have the following administrative procedures:

  • a. Accounts shall be kept by the treasurer, submitted to an independent examination, and approved at an annual members meeting.
  • b. Any bank account of the group shall require two signatures on all cheques.
  • c. The organisation shall maintain insurance on its projects, for injury to third parties, damage to property, and such other insurance as decided by the Committee.

This constitution shall only be altered, with prior written notice, by consent of two-thirds of the members voting at a members meeting.

The organisation may be dissolved, with prior written notice, by consent of two-thirds of the members voting at a members meeting and any remaining assets shall pass to an organisation or organisations with similar objectives to the group as agreed by the members at a members meeting.

To be quorate, a members meeting, including the annual meeting, must be attended by at least twelve members or two-thirds of the membership, whichever is the lesser number.

Adopted at a meeting of the members on 17th September, 2002
Chairman of the meeting: Peter Lyons